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  • This is an archive page. It contains all entries added to the site during October 2006.

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    Lunar Park Foreign Covers

    Found a couple new covers for Lunar Park. I'm not sure whether these are hardbacks or paperback versions of the book.

    The cover on the left is from Spain. There are a couple articles featuring this cover here and here, plus a picture of Bret holding a posterboard of the cover here.

    The image on the right is from Portugal. For whatever reason, they appear to have put this book into the 'romance' category.

    October 14, 2006
    Category: Lunar Park
    Comments: 4

    Best Glamorama Inscription Ever

    Happiness is : Getting your copy of Glamorama signed by BEE with the inscription fuck Ben Stiller.
    October 14, 2006
    Category: Glamorama
    Comments: 1

    German Interview w/ Bret

    An interview w/ Ellis from March of 2006. The intro is in German, but the questions and answers (of course) are in English. [Thanks to Maddie for sending in the link.]
    October 10, 2006
    Category: Bret Easton Ellis
    Comments: 1

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