Placebo Video Voiced By Bret

Placebo has released a sequel to its inventive ‘Unfortunate Details’ promo of last year. In the new video – for track Loud Like Love – viewers are given another curious scenario to examine, while Bret Easton Ellis provides the voiceover.

Patrick Bateman’s New Business Card

It plays Tetris.

Vice Interview with Ellis

Big interview with Bret posted at Vice. Loads of stuff in there including that he’s working on a new book and is developing a TV show set around the Manson murders.

Lohan’s “Canyons” Role Gets Razzie Nom

Lindsey Lohan gets a Razzie nomination for her role in The Canyons. 
The film itself avoided nomination.

Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman

Our first look at some pics of Matt Smith as a blood spattered Patrick Bateman.

BEE Podcast With Kanye West

The Bret Easton Ellis podcast. First up, Kanye West.


2013 Out 100 List

Bret makes the Out 100 list for 2013.

Doctor Who Is Patrick Bateman

The recently departed Doctor Who – Matt Smith – is going to play Patrick Bateman in the musical version of American Psycho.

American Psycho TV Series

There is going to be an American Psycho TV series on FX.

…this series would shed all the seemingly-integral ’80s satire stuff to bring Patrick Bateman to modern times… depict a 50-something Bateman who’s now training a protégé…

I’m gonna reserve judgement.


The Canyons Struggles

Well, The Canyons has pretty much lived down to most of the expectations that media people had for it. Its gotten pretty poor reviews, and only made about $30k at the box office (in VERY limited release).

It seemed to me that it was never meant to have much commercial success, so maybe thats OK. Maybe the spectacle of what happens when you cast a porn star and an off-her-rocker washed up starlet was part of the whole performance. The experience of The Canyons isn’t just what you saw on screen, it was all the gossip site news about the filming as well.